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    Customer Service and Distribution Update: aerial view of the inventory in the building.

    Customer Service and Distribution Update

    Customer Service and Distribution Update for 2023 I’m very proud of our team for meeting their accuracy metric of .22% or fewer errors vs. lines shipped per month all but one of the last 19 months. Any mistakes made in our departments are very visible to the customer, and we want to ensure Fastco is […]
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    Continuous Innovation: New Dump Pans

    Continuous Innovation: What is it? At Fastco, we believe in continuous innovation. But how does innovation happen? It happens through small actions, through thoughts that spark ideas that turn into discussions, which turn into trying something new. It all starts with our team members. Ergonomic Improvements are Essential Over the last several years, Fastco has […]
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    Improvements in Inspection: Productivity and

    Productivity Improvements in Inspection In recent months, Inspection has made great strides in improving productivity through our mini game, which started in May and ran through July. Mini games are part of playing the Great Game of Business, which Fastco has been doing for over two years. The purpose of the mini-games is to bring […]
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    a woman is visual sorting parts on an ez sort machine

    Visual Sorting: Human vs. Robot

    Visual Sorting: Human vs. Robot At Fastco, we use have a few different options for visual sorting parts. There’s EZ sort (shown in the video) in which parts feed down a track and a person inspects them as they pass. There is also table sorting, in which a person picks up and inspects parts by […]
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    The Process of Cold Heading Manufacturing

      The Process of Cold Heading Manufacturing What does the process of producing cold headed fasteners look like? And how does raw material become a fastener? This infographic outlines the process of cold heading manufacturing in 7 steps. Step 1: Raw Material First, we establish the rod size and material type based on print and […]
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    Thread Roll Update

    Thread Roll Update 2023 Thread Roll’s Improvement in Cost of Poor Quality This year, Thread Roll’s greatest achievement has been reducing our cost of poor quality. As of the end of June, we were at about half the  COPQ as we were at this time in 2022, so this is a huge achievement. We are […]
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