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    Thread Roll Drivers

    Thread Roll Drivers for 2024 A driver represents a key activity that drives the operations and financial results of a company.   In Thread Roll, we chose three drivers this year that we really wanted to focus on:  Parts Produced, Machine Efficiency, and Training Hours.  We also have a year-long mini game called “Make the Boss Pay” […]
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    China and Taiwan: What’s the Big Deal?

      China and Taiwan: What’s the Big Deal? If you have been paying attention to the news lately, you have probably come across stories of increasing tension between China and the island state of Taiwan.  In fact, in recent years the Chinese government and military has become increasingly aggressive with respect to violating Taiwanese airspace, […]
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    Building an Engaged Workforce

      What is an Engaged Workforce? What do we mean by an “engaged workforce?” You might not know the definition, but you can probably picture someone on your team that embodies the company’s values and purpose in everything they do. An engaged employee is one who is committed to their organization’s culture and mission as […]
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    An aerial view of Fastco's cold heading bay.

    Cold Heading Metrics

    Cold Heading Metrics At Fastco, our Quality Policy is “Striving to Meet Customer Expectations Through Continuous Innovation.” This may sound like vapid wordiness or mumbo jumbo, but the truth is that continuous innovation takes work. Behind that work, we need concrete data to prove out what we are doing right and how we can improve. […]
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    Solar panels extend toward distant mountains, blue sky.

    The Impact of New Wind & Solar Regulations for Manufacturers

    New Wind & Solar Regulations On Monday, May 13, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved comprehensive changes to America’s electric grids. The changes will impact the planning and funding of grids.  The new rule represents the most substantial attempt in over a decade to upgrade and expand the electric grid. In the face of extreme […]
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    Purchasing Update

    Purchasing Update 2024 It’s time for a Purchasing Update from the team that works seamlessly with Fastco’s tool rooms and other departments to handle inventory and purchasing. In Purchasing, one of our recent points of focus has been tooling inventory accuracy and management.  On the inventory control side, we have been working tirelessly to ensure […]
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