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    IATF Certification

    Back in 2022, we put up a blog post on the International Automotive Task Force, or IATF, explaining what the task force is and why IATF 16969 certification is so essential to manufacturers. Well, it’s audit season again here at Fastco, which gives us a good reason to recap that post. What is IATF 16949 and […]
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    Sales Update

    2023 Sales Update In 2023, the Sales team won substantial new business awards, representing about 10% of our net sales. While this fell short of our robust new business award goal, it still puts us on solid footing for achieving our long-term strategic goal of growing Fastco’s business by 10% year over year. This is […]
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    Intelligent Spending

    Most people know the importance of intelligent spending. But how do companies “spend intelligently?” How to Spend Intelligently There a lot of ways to spend intelligently, including: Ensuring that you are buying what you need and what you will use within a reasonable timeframe, Finding the best value items (a combination of price and quality), […]
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    Fastener Coatings

    Fastener Coatings A fastener’s job is to connect and secure objects to one another. It is essential that applications use the appropriate fastener for structural integrity. This includes taking into consideration a fastener’s coating. Coatings provide protection to the metal underneath. Since exposure to harsh environments or chemicals can drastically shorten a fastener’s life span, […]
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    Quality Department Spotlight shows team member inspecting product

    Quality Department Spotlight

    Quality Department Spotlight For this Department Spotlight, we are highlighting the Quality Department’s progress in 2023. In 2023, the Quality Department’s greatest achievement was helping to lower the Cost of Poor Quality/Scrap by performing extra audits when needed in various areas to aid in this. While the end of the year’s COPQ was not ideal, […]
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    Favorite Fasteners Roundup 2.0

    Favorite Fasteners Roundup 2.0 It’s time for another Favorite Fasteners Roundup (version 2.0 – see version 1.0 here.) This week, we are rounding up five more favorite fastener spotlights. Click on the links to learn more about each of these types of fasteners. Sheet Metal Screws These fully-threaded screws with a pointed end are used […]
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