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    That’s Fastenating: Let’s Talk About Screws

    Let’s Talk About Screws Screws are amazing fasteners. Stronger than nails and easy to install/reinstall, they look similar to bolts. Similar applications may require a screw and/or a bolt. Typically, a bolt pairs with a nut or washer and may or may not have a point or tapered end. So let’s talk about screws! When […]
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    cold headed studs

    That’s Fastenating: Studs, the Fastening Kind

    What are Studs (the Fastening Kind)? In short, a stud is a threaded rod or bar. They resemble screws and bolts, except that they do not (typically) have heads. Generally, fastening studs are permanent fixtures that can work with or without nuts, although they often involve the use of a nut. They are often welded, […]
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    Mechanical Fastening Pins

    That’s Fastenating: Mechanical Fastening Pins

    What are mechanical fastening pins and what do they do? In the world of fasteners, pins are one of the most basic looking components. Pins are unthreaded, usually cylindrical. Their purpose is to “keep machine parts in proper alignment or fasten them together,” according to Britannica. These are known as mechanical fastening pins, not to […]
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    That’s Fastenating: How do Rivets Work?

    Is a Rivet the Same as a Pin? Pre-assembly, rivets look a lot like pins. In fact, this is readily stated in most definitions. TWI writes that “A rivet is a mechanical fastener composed of a head on one end and a cylindrical stem on another (called the tail) which has the appearance of a […]
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    That’s Fastenating: What is a Bolt?

    What is a Bolt? I’m glad you asked. If you search Google, you’ll find a lot of different answers. For one, Fastener Engineering calls a bolt “a mechanical fastener with a threaded shaft” while simultaneously stating that this same description can be used to define a screw.     Function: Part of a Fastening Team […]
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    Bin of Bolts

    The Benefits of Bulk Ordering

    When it comes to buying in bulk, the old adage “the more you buy, the more you save” holds true across many industries. For cold heading manufacturers, the benefits of bulk ordering are especially significant. That’s because cold heading is a bulk manufacturing process. But what exactly does that mean? It means we need to […]
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