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    About Us – Cold Headed Fastener Manufacturer

    In the mid-1960s, Stephen Frantz and Arvin Tap started a small company whose purpose was to buy, refurbish, and sell used machine equipment. When the partners purchased cold forming machine, they discovered there was little demand for its resale in West Michigan. Rather than selling the equipment, the two partners changed the focus of the business to manufacturing. Fastco became a cold headed fastener manufacturer, specializing in custom studs, bolts, rivets, pins, and screws.

    Arvin Tap
    Arvin Tap (co-founder)
    Steve Frantz
    Steve Frantz (co-founder)

    Under the leadership and hard work of these two entrepreneurs, Fastco (then known as Fast Machine) took off. Fastco was incorporated in 1970. In December of 1973, Fastco outgrew its original location on the south side of Grand Rapids, moving to its present location in Walker, Michigan. From a modest, 30,000-square-foot facility, Fastco has expanded to three buildings and 150,000 square feet on its Walker campus.

    Throughout its history, Fastco has responded to the challenges of the marketplace and, in particular, the automotive industry. When automotive quality standards ramped up in the 1990s, Fastco invested in process monitors for all of its cold formers and thread rollers. When automotive customers began to champion the challenge of zero defects, Fastco committed a significant portion of financial resources to the acquisition of various types of electronic inspection systems. Today, the electronic inspection and roller sorting of fasteners has become standard practice at Fastco. Indeed, Fastco’s acquisition of eddy current capability in its inspection process adds a new dimension of capability and provides customers with an additional layer of protection.


      As Fastco moves forward to its next 50 years, the company stands ready and poised for substantial growth. Committed to excellence and continual improvement in all aspects of its operations, Fastco is committed to being the best producer of special cold headed fasteners in North America.

    Types of Cold Headed Fasteners Produced

    • Studs
    • Rivets
    • Pins
    • Bolts
    • Specials

    Thread Rolling Capabilities

    • SEMS Washers
    • MAThread, MATpoint Design
    • Clinch, Fetters, Knurls, Threads

    Materials Used

    • Carbon Steel 1010-1045-10B21
    • Alloy Steel 1541-4037-B16
    • Stainless Steel 302-304-A286-431
    • High Nickel Alloy Steel
    • And More!

    Why is Fastco Industries Different Than Other Cold Forming Companies?

    Our investments in the company have continually improved our processes.

    • Tooling is produced in-house to extremely tight tolerances
    • State-of-the-art inspection equipment
    • 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space to handle any project
    • Engineering design and simulation
    • In-house milling of dies and machine support
    • Updated bowl and feed systems for thread rolling equipment
    • In-house secondary machining processes
    • State-of-the-art eddy current sort equipment including hardness checks and cracked-head detection

    Our Brand Promise

    How does Fastco bring specialty cold-headed fasteners to market faster than any other production manufacturer?

    • Predictability in manufacturing
    • Greater control of tooling creation
    • Tub tracking for improved parts location
    • Superb preventative maintenance
    • Advanced PLEX ERP System
    • Industrial Leader of Innovation and Development

    • Employee Culture of Care