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    Fastco Industries uses the latest thread rolling technologies offered by equipment manufacturers, Saspi and Sanmei. Whether it is roll forming, SEMS products, special rolled features or standard threads, we are ready to meet and exceed customer expectations.

    The Process

    Thread rolling is a process for forming external screw threads. Dies press against the cold headed blank to form threads. This process is similar to knurling. Rolling and knurling perform best with large production runs since typical production rates are around one piece per second. The process produces no fine metal chips. In addition, less material is required because the blank size starts smaller than a blank required for cutting threads. Typically, there is a 15 to 20% material savings in the blank by weight.

    With the equipment that we employ, we can form threads in a single pass with efficiency and cost-savings. Rolling the material into the die rather than removing the metal with a single point tool also creates a stronger, more accurate thread.

    Fastco’s thread rolling services are individually tailored to meet your cold headed fastener requirements, with additional machining and secondary operations in-house to support your parts production from start to finish.

    Rolled Features

    As a licensed supplier of MAThread® and MATpoint®, Fastco can manufacture the following MAThread Fasteners:

    6 different MAThread types of thread rolling
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    In addition to MAThread licensed products, Fastco has the capability of rolling the following features:

    • Clinch
    • Fetters
    • Knurls
    • Standard threads
    • Flutes
    • Paint-clearing threads


    Fastco also the ability to machine shaped and angled points.

    SEMS Fasteners: A combination of a screw/bolt and permanently attached washer (or set of washers), SEMS fasteners are easy to handle and assemble. Fastco has a dedicated SEMS unit to manufacture these popular components. Check out this video to learn more about SEMS.