Wireless Micrometers and Calipers

A common complaint voiced by many machine operators is the time spent doing data entry for quality checks. Fastco has addressed this by implementing a new system for wireless caliper and micrometer entry. The equipment is supplied by Microridge, an Oregon company.

By adding a receiver to a conventional tablet and equipping a micrometer and caliper with a sending unit, an operator can take measurements for a part and simply press the “send” button on the micrometer or caliper transmitter. The information automatically populates the inspection sheet in the Plex ERP system.
This new system will allow Fastco to complete more inspections and with more accuracy, giving us much more data for statistical evaluation and control of our processes. For information on this system, visit www.microridge.com.

Greater Stainless Capability with Ambrell

In April 2017, Fastco Industries took delivery an EkoHeat induction heating system supplied by Ambrell Induction Heating Solution, a Scottsville, New York company. Due to a high product concentration of stainless products, particularly the super-alloy A286 (ASTM 660), Fastco was looking for a product that would help the company provide better quality and increased capability, while reducing forming tonnage and increasing tool life. The Ekoheat induction heating system allows Fastco to heat wire to 600-800 degrees F in just a few seconds. In so doing, the required tonnage need to cold head a typical A286 flange stud is reduced by approximately 14%. The end result is a better product, with corners filled out and sharper edges. In addition, tool inserts wear much more slowly while scrap has been reduced considerably. A final advantage of the EkoHeat system is the ease with which setup personnel can complete changeovers. The heating system is flameless and extremely energy efficient. With the installation of this unit, Fastco will be able to more capably fill its customer’s requirements today and into the future.

The Addition of the Carbide Cutting Saw and the Fastco Brand Promise

image1The carbide cutting saw is a semi-automatic saw purchased with the intention of saving Fastco Industries both time and money. This saw, purchased at Precision Abrasive Machinery, is loaded with a 10 inch diamond cutting wheel made to slice carbide quickly and efficiently: saving the tool room time in the actual cutting of the carbide.

The saw has the ability to cut any carbide type with a range of outer diameters from 0.25 inches to 2.00 inches. Also, because if its precision imagecapabilities, the tool room is saved time by not having as much grind stock to remove when the tools get bumped at the OD grinder. Along with the time saving aspect, the carbide cutting saw saves Fastco money in a couple of different ways:

1) Fastco’s tool room is able to purchase longer sticks of carbide, giving them better pricing per inch.

2) Buying longer sticks of carbide saves money on scrap because tools can be cut closer to their specific size; this accounts for the tool room using less scrap material.

In saving both time and money, Fastco’s customers receive the benefit of reduced prices and improved lead times. As Fastco Industries strives to improve on its brand promise of offering sample jobs in a condensed time frame, Fastco’s tool room strives to continually improve on its performance and quality.

Fastco Industries Recruiting at Muskegon Career Tech

careerfairtableFastco Industries took part in the Muskegon Career Tech Manufacturing Day held on January 23, 2015 at the Muskegon Career Tech Center.

This was Muskegon’s first annual Career Day and it was a great experience for all involved.

James Kasbohm and Nel Cowham represented Fastcoatthis all-day event, which allowedstudents from area Muskegon High Schools to come and talk to the image2various companies participating in the event.We were able to share information about Fastco regarding what we make and how we make our product.We had a DVD playing that allowed the students to see what our plant looks like and what the various departments do.

James spent some time showing the students some of the assemblies we brought with us, which seemed to perk their interest.Most of the studentswere not aware of how many fasteners are needed to build a vehicle.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time talking to the students and teachers.This networking system will hopefully allow us to recruit fresh talent that is eager for a new career here at Fastco.