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    SEMS Fasteners – Custom – Made in the USA

    SEMS fasteners are a combination of a screw/bolt and a permanently attached washer (or set of washers). Since they are pre-assembled, they are fast and easy to handle and fit into larger assemblies. Fastco has a dedicated SEMS unit for SEMS fastener assembly.

    By combining components, SEMS offers many benefits which have radically changed assembly manufacturing processes.

    Key SEMS Fastener Benefits Include

    • Lower Outside Object Damage
    • Lower Part Assembly Time
    • US Sourced Material with Full Traceability
    • Lower Inventory Count
    • Improvement in Assembly Difficulties and Speed
    • Eliminate Lost Part Downtime
    • Lower Kitting Part Count

    Types of SEMS Fasteners That We Manufacture

    • External & Internal Tooth Lock Fasteners
    • Helical Split Lock Fasteners
    • Dished – Toothed Periphery Fasteners
    • Double Coil Lock Fasteners


    SEMS Fastener Materials

    • Carbon Steel 1010-1015-1018-1022-1038-1045-10B21
    • Alloy Steel 1541-4037-4135-4140-B16
    • Stainless Steel 302-304-316-410-430
    • High Nickel Alloy Stainless Steel A286-431


    • Fastco Industries is an IATF 16949:2016 certified cold heading manufacturer specializing in SEMS fasteners. We produce multiple fastener types including conical, flat, tooth, helical, and others. There are literally millions of possible variations of SEMS combinations. With washers under the fastener head, SEMS are fast, permanent, and adaptable to many applications. All Fastco SEMS fasteners are proudly Made in the USA in our manufacturing facilities.

    Three Types of SEMS Fasteners

    Parts Distribution

    Fastco’s distribution center near our manufacturing facilities supports our customers’ full supply chain and inventory management, bar coding, just-in-time delivery, and always attentive customer service.

    Contact Fastco Industries directly at (616) 389-1386 or email us to learn more. Through the request-a-quote form tab on the website, send us a PDF file of your SEMS Fastener idea or assembly so we can start the collaborative process to complete your project.