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    Cold Headed Fastener Sorting & Inspection

    Fastener inspection is standard operating procedure for cold headed fasteners that are installed on assembly lines or for safety critical parts. Fastco Industries’ inspection process is an integral part of providing manufacturers with the ability to consistently supply and satisfy their customers with 100% inspected and certified cold headed fasteners. As such, Fastco inspects fasteners and tooling for dimension, surface analysis, thickness, hardness, holes, cracks, and much more.

    State-of-the-Art Sorting & Inspection Equipment

    Our continual company investment in quality is represented in a wealth of electronic and industry standard state-of-the-art inspection equipment that we maintain including:

    • Optical Comparators
    • Non-Contact and Multi-sensor Measurement Machines
    • Surface Roughness and Contour Equipment
    • Digital Inspection Microscopes
    • Digital Calipers and Sensors
    • Eddy Current Sort Equipment
    • Inspection Gauges
    • Testing Fixtures

    This inspection equipment combined with our inspection team’s decades of experience guarantees that our customers receive defect-free cold headed fasteners. All parts go through a sorting operation before packaging. This can be roller, visual, laser, optical, camera and/or eddy current sorting. Advanced eddy current sort equipment, which perform hardness checks and cracked-head detection, further bolsters our ability to deliver on our promise of the best quality in the industry.

    Types of Cold Headed Fasteners Produced

    • Studs
    • Rivets
    • Pins
    • Bolts
    • Specials
    • Custom Cold Forming, Cold Heading
    • SEMS Washers
    • MAThread, MATpoint Design
    • Clinch, Fetters, Knurls, Threads
    • Carbon Steel 1010-1045-10B21
    • Alloy Steel 1541-4037-B16
    • Stainless Steel 302-304-A286-431
    • High Nickel Alloy Steel
    • Production
    • Rapid-Fast-Prototype, Sample-Pilot

    Our Brand Promise

    To Bring Specialty Cold-Headed Fasteners to Market Faster than Any Other Production Manufacturer

    How Does Fastco Industries Achieve the Brand Promise?

    • Predictability in Manufacturing
    • Greater Control of Tooling Creation
    • Tub Tracking for Improved Parts Location
    • Superb Preventative Maintenance
    • Advanced PLEX ERP System