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Wireless Micrometers and Calipers

A common complaint voiced by many machine operators is the time spent doing data entry for quality checks. Fastco has addressed this by implementing a new system for wireless caliper and micrometer entry. The equipment is supplied by Microridge, an Oregon company. By adding a receiver to a conventional tablet and equipping a micrometer and […]

Greater Stainless Capability with Ambrell

In April 2017, Fastco Industries took delivery an EkoHeat induction heating system supplied by Ambrell Induction Heating Solution, a Scottsville, New York company. Due to a high product concentration of stainless products, particularly the super-alloy A286 (ASTM 660), Fastco was looking for a product that would help the company provide better quality and increased capability, […]

How Does the Mectron Sort Machine Support the Fastco Brand Promise?

One of the latter capital purchases in 2014 for Fastco Industries was the new Mectron sort machine. Fastco had been previously equipped with Mectron sorting equipment prior to the acquisition; however, this new edition would help achieve a number of objectives that move Fastco closer to its ultimate lead time brand promise. In addition, the […]

The Addition of the Carbide Cutting Saw and the Fastco Brand Promise

The carbide cutting saw is a semi-automatic saw purchased with the intention of saving Fastco Industries both time and money. This saw, purchased at Precision Abrasive Machinery, is loaded with a 10 inch diamond cutting wheel made to slice carbide quickly and efficiently: saving the tool room time in the actual cutting of the carbide. […]

Fastco Industries Recruiting at Muskegon Career Tech

Fastco Industries took part in the Muskegon Career Tech Manufacturing Day held on January 23, 2015 at the Muskegon Career Tech Center. This was Muskegon’s first annual Career Day and it was a great experience for all involved. James Kasbohm and Nel Cowham represented Fastcoatthis all-day event, which allowedstudents from area Muskegon High Schools to […]

Fastco Brand Promise: Contour (form) Tracing Measurement Machine

Fastco has acquired a Contour (form) Tracing measurement machine! Improved measurement methods in measuring manufactured product (, and real time SPC software ( have shown us a need to more tightly control our tooling. Measuring internal dimensions has always been a challenge, involving just gage pins, or using a low melting alloy and creating internal […]

Fastco Laboratory Implementation and Techniques

Fastco has recently created and implemented a functional laboratory to perform metallurgical reviews on product. This is used to verify production specifications from cold forming, material grain flow, thread lap specifications, and outside processes such as heat treat and plating processes. Fastco is capable of sectioning and mounting samples for microscopic analysis. Tests Fastco is […]

How Does the Accuvision Sort Machine Support the Fastco Brand Promise?

Another key purchase in 2014 for Fastco Industries was the Accuvision sort machine. Fastco began the 2013 year with an initiative to outsource the majority of its sorting processes after determining that sort may not fall within its core competencies.accuvision However, as the year progressed, Fastco realized that keeping the sort inspection process in-house would […]

Fastco Focus on Training and Standardization: Fastco Brand Promise

In the past several years, Fastco has committed to drastically increase training hours in an effort to standardize quality training in such areas as gages, processes, and procedures. Fastco has established a minimum training goal each month that must be met. These training hours are performed by the training coordinator and quality manager with assistance […]

Zontec and SPC Usage at Fastco

Fastco utilizes Zontec, an electronic data collection system, to record and track all dimensional readings on all parts produced. This software is capable of performing live data SPC on production measurements, allowing Fastco to identify trends, track history, tool wear, tool changes, and easily pull and transfer this data through excel formats. Used in conjunction […]

Keyance Measuring System Acquired

Fastco has acquired sevkeyanceeral Keyence IM (Instant Measurement) Digital Imaging Systems to increase our capabilities and create enhanced levels of Fastener inspection. We have multiple units with a 4 inch (100mm) diameter viewable area, and 1 unit with a 4 x 8 inch (100 x 200mm) viewable area. These measurement systems are much more accurate, […]