How Does the Mectron Sort Machine Support the Fastco Brand Promise?

image2One of the latter capital purchases in 2014 for Fastco Industries was the new Mectron sort machine. Fastco had been previously equipped with Mectron sorting equipment prior to the acquisition; however, this new edition would help achieve a number of objectives that move Fastco closer to its ultimate lead time brand promise.

In addition, the original Mectron 30mm machine has been upgraded to improve the capability of the machine and provide better accuracy for bent parts. This is a result of the addition of two lasers to the machine that allow for improved checks.image1

With the new capacity of the Mectron machines, Fastco’s in-house sorting department will achieve:

1) The ability to run a higher volume of parts on the laser sorting machines.
2) The ability to sort for cracked heads.
3) The ability to check for bent parts to a higher degree of accuracy.

Fastco has finalized the ability to sort all of its work in-house to a higher level of accuracy than the competition. This will allow for improved throughput in sort and in WIP overall: lowering inventory costs and continuing to improve cash flow.

imageThere are additional plans for the sorting department in terms of machinery purchases for 2015 to come. Look for additional information on other pieces of sort equipment as the year progresses.

This would be an ideal time to put Fastco to the test.

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