The Addition of the Carbide Cutting Saw and the Fastco Brand Promise

image1The carbide cutting saw is a semi-automatic saw purchased with the intention of saving Fastco Industries both time and money. This saw, purchased at Precision Abrasive Machinery, is loaded with a 10 inch diamond cutting wheel made to slice carbide quickly and efficiently: saving the tool room time in the actual cutting of the carbide.

The saw has the ability to cut any carbide type with a range of outer diameters from 0.25 inches to 2.00 inches. Also, because if its precision imagecapabilities, the tool room is saved time by not having as much grind stock to remove when the tools get bumped at the OD grinder. Along with the time saving aspect, the carbide cutting saw saves Fastco money in a couple of different ways:

1) Fastco’s tool room is able to purchase longer sticks of carbide, giving them better pricing per inch.

2) Buying longer sticks of carbide saves money on scrap because tools can be cut closer to their specific size; this accounts for the tool room using less scrap material.

In saving both time and money, Fastco’s customers receive the benefit of reduced prices and improved lead times. As Fastco Industries strives to improve on its brand promise of offering sample jobs in a condensed time frame, Fastco’s tool room strives to continually improve on its performance and quality.