Zontec and SPC Usage at Fastco

Fastco utilizes Zontec, an electronic data collection system, to record and track all dimensional readings on all parts produced. This software is capable of performing live data SPC on production measurements, allowing Fastco to identify trends, track history, tool wear, tool changes, and easily pull and transfer this data through excel formats.

image1Used in conjunction with the resolution and accuracy of the Keyence IM digital imaging measurement systems, as well as other measurement tools, Fastco has an advantage of seeing live, quality data on all product manufactured.

The Zontec program is accessible to all operators at key computer terminal locations on the production floor, and is also accessible by all Engineering / Quality & Management representatives at their computer stations or desks.

This allows for high levels of transparency, efficiency, and product status throughout Fastco.

Zontec’s data entry also utilizes alert detection to operators. If an operator enters an out of specification, dimension, or typo, the program will recognize this and a pop up will warn operators of the mistaken or out of specification entry. See Image Below.


Zontec also has the ability to send live data alerts to applicable personnel (quality/ engineering or management) via email, when a part is entered out of specification or out of control limits set. This allows Fastco to identify variance in product in a live format, and the potential for having the time to react to these product alerts almost instantly.

Right Image : Zontec has the ability to create many types of charts, for tracking, monitoring and review. These charts can be populated with raw image3production data in any number of ways to tailor a chart or report to the current or requested needs. This gives Fastco an advantage to be able to supply dimensional history (raw data or a report) of a part to a customer within minutes of a request.

For more information, please visit: http://www.zontec-spc.com