How Does the Accuvision Sort Machine Support the Fastco Brand Promise?

image1Another key purchase in 2014 for Fastco Industries was the Accuvision sort machine. Fastco began the 2013 year with an initiative to outsource the majority of its sorting processes after determining that sort may not fall within its core competencies.accuvision

However, as the year progressed, Fastco realized that keeping the sort inspection process in-house would be beneficial in a number of cases and outside that sorting should be determined on a logistics-route basis for the majority of circumstances.

This decision spurred Fastco to keep the sorting process with current outside processing partners who can heat treat, plate, and sort all under one facility; therefore reducing the amount of handling. Sorting would be left in-house for the remainder of the cases.

This assumes in-house capability and capacity: a gap left to be filled…the solution?

The Accuvision sort machine was purchased with a greater speed and overall capacity in mind for the sort inspection department as well as the imagereplacement of older equipment. The machine arrived in early 2014 as Fastco’s President and Sort Inspection Team leader traveled to Taiwan for training and also received training in-house.

As many as 800 pieces per minute can be sorted with as low as one percent fallout.accuvision
What does this mean for YOU the customer?

· More sorting precision and less scrap.
· Less time wasted on “double passes” (fallout re-ran to assure correct scrap).
· Lower scrap costs (passed on to the customer).
· Quicker sort times and lower sort costs (passed on to the customer).
· Greater sort capabilities including checking for cracked heads and fetter knurls.

Fastco has achieved a strategic objective with the usage of the Accuvision sort machine and plans to bring in a second work center during the fourth quarter of 2014. This will allow for continued speed and accuracy in the inspection area and continued cost and lead time improvements for the customer.

As our speed and predictability improves, we strive to improve your lead time and overall experience with buying fasteners.

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