Fastco Focus on Training and Standardization: Fastco Brand Promise

In the past several years, Fastco has committed to drastically increase training hours in an effort to standardize quality training in such areas as gages, processes, and procedures.

Fastco has established a minimum training goal each month that must be met.

These training hours are performed by the training coordinator and quality manager with assistance from production, engineering, and quality personnel to ensure that each team member is aware and understands:

– Processes
– Procedures
– Gage Usage
– Gage Standardization
– Measurement Techniques
– Quality Practices
– Product Handling

And many more items.

Fastco has increased training each year since 2011.

In 2011 for the whole calendar year, quality training was 141 hours.
In 2012 Training hours increased to 379 man hours.
In 2013 training hours increased to 1,535.45 hours
In 2014 as of 8/31/2014 the training hours reached 1,048.55 hours

It is our belief that by continually training, it will keep the procedures and standards fresh in the minds of operators and team members. This will help Fastco supply the best quality product to our customers.

This training, in conjunction with many new tools to maintain stability and standards, will aid Fastco in continuing to drive our cost of poor quality to historic lows.

Fastco has lowered our Cost of Poor Quality goal in 2 consecutive years, with the new goals being met by a large margin the majority of months per year.

Fastco strives to attain the most informed and trained operators and team members to provide a consistent and quality product.
How does this fit the brand promise of more condensed lead times? Fewer quality issues and better checks from training result in:

– less scrap
– more good product through the system
– fewer repeat production orders
– less disruption to current production orders
– less disruption to resources needed to meet the brand promise