Keyance Measuring System Acquired

Fastco has acquired sevkeyanceeral Keyence IM (Instant Measurement) Digital Imaging Systems to increase our capabilities and create enhanced levels of Fastener inspection.

We have multiple units with a 4 inch (100mm) diameter viewable area, and 1 unit with a 4 x 8 inch (100 x 200mm) viewable area. These measurement systems are much more accurate, and have a greater resolution than micrometers and calipers. These machines can drastically decrease measurement time and improve accuracy with 1 touch of a button, reducing operator to gage variance and increasing standardization of measurement technique.
The Keyence can measure profile views of parts (similar to but more accurate than a comparator) up to 99 dimensions, and up to 99 parts (if small enough to fit on the viewing area) in 3 seconds!

This increases the number of parts that can be reviewed in each process, reducing the time needed to do so.

Time to perform dimension capability studies and layouts on most standard parts has been greatly reduced from hours to minutes with improved accuracy, resolution and quality results.

Accuracy of these units is down to 2µm and repeatability is down to 0.5µm ( in High Precision Mode), and 5µm accuracy, and 1µm for repeatability (in Wide Field mode).

These measurement tools bring Fastco to a new level in standardized technique, accuracy, and overall measurement capabilities.

Measurement chart information below provided by Keyence IM.



Above: Keyence with 100x200mm (4×8 inch) Measurable Area.


Above Image: Fastco Developed Verification Block. 32 Dimensions in 3 seconds!!


Above Image: Multiple points of measurement from one starting / reference point done in seconds!!



Above Images: Tooling Insert; Tooling insert magnified with Keyence Video Comparator Mode.

The Keyence IM is a solid state image dimensional measurement system that is tracable to NIST out of the box and does not need calibration. However, Fastco developed and created a verification fixture to verify measurments at selected intervals, to ensure measurement data is accurate and functioning properly. This verification block has 32 dimensions from angles, lengths, radii, diameters, arcs, and circumpherances and more. All 32 dimensions are verified in 3 seconds with a push of a button.

The Keyence IM’s also have a single measurement high precision video measurement mode which allows surface and profile measurements to be taken with clarity, resolution, and magnification. Multiple measurements can start from the same point providing more accurate readings and less operator variation /interpretation. A full array of GD&T tools are available to measure very small features, including angles, radii, arcs and more. With the addition of high definition large screen monitors, features that are difficult to see to the naked eye become large, crisp and defined, allowing accurate and repeatable measurements.