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Fastco is an IATF 16949 registered company. As an automotive supplier, Fastco is fully familiar with automotive requirements as they related to PPAP, FMEA, and APQP. Fully trained in problem solving techniques, the Fastco team is more than ready to assist customers in providing effective solutions when problems do occur.

Fastco Industries has made exciting acquisitions and process improvements in regards to quality systems during the past few years. These improvements include:

How Does the Accuvision Sort Machine Support the Fastco Brand Promise?

Another key purchase in 2014 for Fastco Industries was the Accuvision sort machine. Fastco began the 2013 year with an initiative to outsource the majority of its sorting processes after determining that sort may not fall within its core competencies.accuvision However, as the year progressed, Fastco realized that keeping the sort inspection process in-house would […]

Fastco Focus on Training and Standardization: Fastco Brand Promise

In the past several years, Fastco has committed to drastically increase training hours in an effort to standardize quality training in such areas as gages, processes, and procedures. Fastco has established a minimum training goal each month that must be met. These training hours are performed by the training coordinator and quality manager with assistance […]

Zontec and SPC Usage at Fastco

Fastco utilizes Zontec, an electronic data collection system, to record and track all dimensional readings on all parts produced. This software is capable of performing live data SPC on production measurements, allowing Fastco to identify trends, track history, tool wear, tool changes, and easily pull and transfer this data through excel formats. Used in conjunction […]